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The need to perform due diligence on the financial and business aspects of a proposed project or investment is well understood. Today, the need for independent analysis of the technology underlying a new endeavor is recognized as equally important, and demands increasing attention. 

This service provides the client with an independent evaluation of the technology anticipated for use in a project, or being considered for acquisition, licensing, or funding. For example, this service informs the client if the technology is adequately described in issued patents or applications, or if existing patents and applications cover the use of the technology beyond the immediate needs of the project. 

Evaluation of competitive technology for positioning the client's business model or for business negotiations can be provided. With experience in writing patents, providing scientific expertise for patent defense, and evaluating various process technologies for licensing, D&A provides the client with a unique combination of skills exactly suited to the enhancement and defense of intellectual property covering process technology in a number of scientific disciplines. 

D&A has experience deconvoluting the intellectual property positions among multiple parties working on closely related projects but under different agreements. By bringing clarity to complex collections of technologies, this service allows the client to avoid the problem of overlapping intellectual property and stacking royalties, to keep projects properly directed, and to maintain flexibility when licensing technology for future technical projects. D&A can also provide the client with detailed directions for performing technical work to support specific intellectual property requirements.