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D&A provides management with industrial experience that directs the client's resources to achieve project goals on schedule and within budget, while enhancing the project team's creativity. From D&A, the client receives a single point of contact, responsibility and reporting. This is particularly valuable for small or virtual companies which need to manage projects requiring diverse technical efforts, possibly at separate geographical locations, or which involve academic or not-for-profit institutions. Diligence on the intellectual property in the project area can be provided, as well as bench-level guidance to scientists whose work will be the basis of patent applications. This is especially useful for multi-disciplinary projects which may not fit existing organizational structures. Examples of projects successfully executed by D&A are;

projects requiring the combination of process chemistry, molecular biology, and fermentation engineering
automation projects requiring microbiologists and chemists to work with robotics engineers and machinists
projects incorporating massive analytical development coupled with organic synthesis, and recombinant protein expression & purification
the integration of multiple scientific, engineering, and facilities tasks to bring a facility up to GMP standards for a new process
collaborations between industrial scientists from several parties plus academic groups, requiring adherence to a single corporate timeline while satisfying essential but non-strategic academic interests.

D&A provides external management with experience bridging organizational barriers and cultural divides between disparate scientific disciplines. This gives the client a unique set of management strengths, including;

success in combining disciplines to produce valuable proprietary technology
a respected reputation for positive and productive communication between academic and corporate cultures
a proven record of fostering scientific creativity while keeping day-to-day project operations on schedule and within budget
an understanding of prior art, existing patent claims, and requirements for creating new intellectual property.